The Working Mom’s Pump Bag Checklist

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Being a mom and working outside the home makes for quite a juggling act. There are so many things you have to remember before walking out the door.  Over my 12 months of pumping, I compilled this list of everything I needed to pack for my work milk pumping sessions. My Type A personality lives for  checklists lol, hopefully you’ll find it helpful as well. 

Below you’ll find all the things you have to have in order to pump and all the things that will help make your time in the lactation room as comfortable as possible.  

Pumping Necessities

Pump & Accessories





Suction Cords

Electrical Cord

Two Bottles

You’ll use them to pump the milk into.

Creating a Clean Environment to Express Milk

Paper Towels

You’ll likelye need to wipe your hands and/or supplies so it’s good to have some paper towels handy.

Hand Sanitizer

Washing your hands before pumping is essential, but you’ll likely be touching a door and fridge handles between the sink and pumping so I always sanitized before touching my supplies


You’ll need a towel to place everything on. You don’t want to put your clean, sanitized supplies on a desk that may not be clean.

Add Comfort to Your Pumping Session

Pumping bra 

Trust me, you need this!

This pumping bra was my holy grail pump accessory. Spend the money, it’s worth every penny. Pumping hands free will allow you to be on your phone, read, drink, eat, nap, get ready for the day, whatever you want. This bra was a crucial part of my pumping journey. I originally purchased another brand’s bra and it was tight and uncomfortable. I highly recommend this one instead. If you’re interested to know why, I recommend this bra specifically, take a look at my full review.

Nipple Relief

Pumping can get uncomfortable, especially if you’re power pumping. Soothe sore nipples with these magical Soothies Cooling Gel Pads (instant cool relief) and this Lanolin cream. Try them out, you’ll than me later.


Breastmilk is made up of 88% water. If your baby is drinking 32 oz. of water a day, that’s about 25 ounces of water (that you consumed) leaving your body.

Staying hydrated is important for yourself and your milk production. Drinking hot tea before and during you pumping session can help with your let down.


It gets boring sitting in a room, while your boobs are being milked like a cow, so take advantage of your free time and distract yourself.

Honestly, once I became a mom, my pumping sessions were the only time I was ever really able to relax and enjoy watching tv or reading without being disturbed, so take advantage mama!

Best Way to Store Your Expressed Milk

Milk Storage Bags and Pen

In order to maintain the integrity of your breastmilk, it’s soooo important to only use bags that were designed for milk storage. Regular ziplock bags are not designed protect the health of your breastmilk.

I used these, which can be found at Target and on Amazon.  They’re easy to use and never leaked. Whatever brand you choose, make sure the bags were designed to store breastmilk. Regular ziplock bags are not designed protect the health of your breastmilk.

Insulated Bag

Even though you’ll store your milk in a refrigerator, an insulated bag is a must. Your breastmilk is truly liquid gold and must remain cold, so make sure to use an insulated bag.  I understood just how important an insultated bag was, when my normal commute home of 20 minutes took an hour. Things come up, but at least you can rest assured that your milk is nice and cold.

Ice Packs

This is optional but was necessary for me.

If you drive a long commute, have somewhere go to after work, or catch a flat, the ice packs will maintain the cold temperature in your insulated bag. They’re super affordable and very convenient.

Okay mama’s that’s my list! It may seem like a lot, but trust me, you’ll be glad you packed everything!

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