8 Apps that Make New Mom Life Easier

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Being a busy first time mom, there was a lot I had to learn and keep track of.  These apps helped me to keep it all together as a new mom, from pregnancy to toddlerhood. 

Here are my favorite apps for all things mom life: 

  • Cycle & Ovulation Tracker
  • Milestone Picture Editor
  • Pregnancy Tracker
  • Mama Community
  • Cognitive Developmental Growth
  • Feeding & Activity Tracking
  • Contactless Pick Up and Delivery

Getting Pregnant App


When hubby and I decided we were ready to start our family, this was the first app I was glued to. It doubles as a period and ovulation tracker. Being me, I also purchased these ovulation tests and the app was pretty accurate! The app was a day or two difference from the ovulation date from the tests. Either way, between the apps and the ovulation tests, we were blessed to get pregnant on the first try.

They’ve added some great new features since I was pregnant with JC. Now they have a community where you can chat with others and ask questions anonymously. New additions also include a pregnancy calculator and tracker to see how many weeks you are and a countdown to your due date.

Pregnancy & Beyond Apps

Baby Story

Baby Story App

The Baby Story app is a great tool for documenting your pregnancy and your baby’s childhood. They have lots of fun add ons for holidays, milestones, and everyday life. They even have pregnancy announcements. 

If you’ve seen the gorgeous pregnant women on IG with images of a fruit, like a coconut, next to their bump saying 32 weeks, they’re likely using the Baby Story app. 

I loved using this app to record JC’s monthly milestones and important memories such as our first Mother’s Day and his first set of teeth.



 The Bump

This is my favorite pregnancy app (and website). I used it every, single day of my entire pregnancy. Hubby and I loved opening the app to see many weeks our baby was and track what size he was compared to a fruit. Idky the fruit brings me so much joy lol. My favorite part was the 3D visual of your baby in utero at each specific week.

The visual also gives you fun facts about your baby’s development. So we were able to learn things like when our baby could hear us and when his fingers had full developed. You can even move the image around to get different views. It’s super cool. 

The Bump app also has countless helpful articles that answer questions, you’ll undoubtedly have such as what to ask during prenatal visits, what delivery is really like, how to get rid of morning sickness, is this normal, etc.



The BabyCenter app is a great app for pregnancy and parenting. Personally, I enjoyed the Bump app’s interface for pregnancy related use. But once my baby was here, I LOVED using the BabyCenter app.

The main reason I used the BabyCenter app is for the community. There are tons of different groups that you can join. I joined a group for women that shared the month and year of my son’s due date. It was great to chat with women who were experiencing the same thing as me, around the same time as me.

We shared experiences, questions and answers without the fear of judgement. We discussed everything from baby kicks, delivery stories, first steps, milestones (achieved and delayed) and so much more. I also joined a breastfeeding group that shared a lot of tips and tricks to keep my milk supply up.

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I know there are tons of Facebook Groups out there for pregnant women and moms, but I enjoyed BabyCenter because I was able to communicate with a mommy community that wasn’t tied to my face and name.

Life with Baby Apps

Wonder Weeks

This is the only app that I’ve paid and it was worth way more than the $3.99 price tag. The Wonder Weeks app helps you to understand where you infant is developmentally and also provides you with insight to their temperament for the first 20 months. The app will break down your little one’s leap stage (developmental phase) and the skills they are picking up on a week-by-week basis.

I purchased the app based on a recommendation from a close friend and boy was she right! The app will tell you when your baby is going through a sleep regression. It was on point with my son’s development, sleep, and temperament. I literally used this app to decide whether or not it would be a good week to take him out for socializing and when to introduce certain new concepts.

It’s that good! 

And now they’ve added even more features like adding a white noise library, classical music, and adding your child’s leaps to your calendar. 

Glow Baby

This is the app you need for life with a newborn. When you go to the pediatrician appointments (and trust me, there are plenty of peds appointments), they’ll always ask you how much your baby is eating, sleeping, and “outputting”. It’s impossible to keep this all in your head. Glow Baby a great way to log all of your infant’s activities.

The app allows you to log all of the below in one place:

  • Pumping – how many ounces and minutes
  • Breastfeeding – start and stop timer for how long you nurse on each breast. This also helps you to keep track of which side you nursed on last 
  • Bottle – what time and how many ounces your baby drank
  • Sleep – what time and for how long
  • Diapers – how many of wet and dirty diapers your baby is producing
  • Growth – baby’s weight, height, and head circumference

Contactless Delivery and Pick Up Apps

Prime Now

This is the Amazon Prime Now app (prime members only) that will deliver practically anything within 2 hours. When I say practically anything, I mean it. You can order batteries, hand sanitizer, groceries, pet food, diapers, and so much more to be delivered in no time. Bonus: you can track your order so you know when it’s near.

I didn’t realize until my postpartum nurse went over my discharge papers that I wasn’t allowed to drive for 5 weeks. Imagine being home alone with a baby, not being able to drive, and running out of an essential like water or diapers. I can’t tell you how many times this app came in clutch for me. It was absolutely necessary when I was on maternity leave and couldn’t drive.

And is still an app we use often now that we’re going through social distancing due to COVID-19. #ContactlessDelivery


I’m a Target girl at heart, even before becoming a mom, I loved strolling through Target aisles with a Starbucks drink in hand. After becoming a mom, I learned about their Drive Up pick up option…it’s a game changer.

You place your order, choose Drive Up for your delivery method, park in the designated Drive Up parking spot, and the Target associate brings your items out.

Your order is usually ready within 4 hours and will remain there for up to two days. No more having to get your baby in and out of the car seat. There were plenty of days (then and even now as a mom of a two year old) where I just wanted to pick something up without having to leave my car and that’s when Drive Up saved the day. 

It’s become even more essential now during social distancing. You can just drive up, press the I’m Here button in the app and the Target associate will place your items in the trunk. #ContactlessPickUp


Okay mama, that’s my list of my favorite, most used, tried and true apps for pregnancy and motherhood. Hope you found this post helpful. Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried them. 

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