2020 Gift Guide for Toddlers 2+

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 It’s happening…your baby is really growing up and growing out of the toys that you both once loved. I know the feeling, I’m right there with you. JC just turned 2 and I’m in the process of purging his toys and clothes *que ugly mom cry*. Now that I have a 2 year old on my hands, it’s time to really focus on screen-free entertainment that he can enjoy and learn from for years to come. Below you’ll find great toy and non-toy gift options for your toddler.

Toy Options

Leap Frog Learning Friends 100 Words Book

I absolutely love this book! In fact, I love it so much, I bought it when JC was just 6 months old lol. I know, too early, but I just knew it would be a toy that JC would love through the years. This book teaches 100 words in English and in Spanish! 

While JC already knew these 100 words by the time he was 2, we love using the Spanish side to teach Spanish words.

Each page has its own category: pets, animals, fruits, food, mealtime, clothes, colors, body parts, activities, outside, vehicles, and opposites.

There are three features for the images:

  • Name (example: bird)
  • Fact (example: the bird flies)
  • Sound (example: chirp, chirp)

Color Options: Blue and Green or Purple and Pink

Available at: Amazon and Target


Wooden Upper Case Letter and Number Learning Board Puzzle

This puzzle set is a great way to to teach the alphabet and counting. It’s also great for developing problem solving skills and identifying letters and numbers. It’s a win all around!

When you lift the puzzle pieces, you’ll find pictures and words that associate with the piece. For example when you lift the A, you’ll find a picture of an apple with the word spelled out. And when you lift the number 2, you’ll find a picture of 2 foxes.

It really is a gift that your little one can enjoy for years to come as it can be used to develop the below skills:

  • number and letter recognition
  • spelling
  • counting
  • early math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and short division)
  • problem solving

With any puzzle, the hard part is keeping up with all the pieces. Good luck mama!

Available at: Amazon

Magnetic Drawing Board

The portable drawing board aka etch-a-sketch. This is an awesome open-ended toy that your little one can practice writing and drawing with shapes, letters, pictures, scribbly lines, basically anything your child’s heart desires. It comes with 3 little stamps and the pen is attached so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

I love that this toy is light weight, portable, and captures my toddler’s attention so well. Excellent toy to take on the go, on car rides or places that are boring to children like a restaurant.

Available at: Amazon

Sesame Street Feed Me Cookie Monster Plush

This adorable stuffed toy goes every where with JC. He is the ultimate cookie monster fan, so much so, that we have THREE cookie monsters (one for each car and home). This cookie monster talks and laughs when you put the cookie in his mouth or when you push his belly. He’s the perfect companion for JC until we give him a little brother or sister.

If you child has a character that they love, a stuffed version of that character will surely put a smile on your little one’s face.

Available at: Amazon and Target

Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Sound Book

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of singing this song! It’s cute and fun, but after the 10th time in a row, I’m over it. But guess who is never over it…my little one :). So instead of singing the Baby Shark song to the ends of the Earth, we ordered this book from Amazon.

It sings the Baby Shark song as well as 9 other shark themed songs, including a counting song and the ABCs. JC loves the colorful illustrations and I appreciate the on and off button in the back. You can also turn off the song that’s playing, by pressing the button again.

For a full list of fun and  educational books, head over to this post.

Available at: Amazon


Crayola Baby Shark Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring Pages

Another great way to keep your little one busy. This set comes with 18 “wonder” pages and 5 markers that only color on this specific wonder paper. So if you have a little artist that sees a blank canvas everytime they look at your walls and furniture, this is a great alternative!

Available at: Amazon

Melissa & Doug Pretend Play Cleaning Set

As our children get older, they crave independence more and more, wanting to immitate all the actions and behaviors they see us model. Lately, JC has been wanting to “help” me sweep and clean up so I was thrilled when I found this toy set! No more fussing at me for not letting him play with our broom and dust pan. Now he has his own cleaning set that he can play with whenever he wants.

Available at: Amazon


Fisher-Price Medical Kit

Can you tell that we love pretend play? It’s a great way to practice social skills (like sharing), develop language, and allows children to feel in control of their environment.

This Medical Kit set includes stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, thermometer, otoscope, syringe, bandage & fabric “doctor” bag. The syringe moves seamlessly and thermometer reads, “sick” and “well” at the push of a button.  This set can also show your little one that they don’t have to fear the instruments used at the doctor’s office.

Available at: Amazon 

Rolimate Wooden Shape Sorter

This wooden shape sorter is a great educational toy for toddlers. We use it for learning colors, learning shapes, sorting, and problem solving puzzles.

It’s been a life saver during the social distancing (currently going on at the time of this post) as it keeps my little one entertained for about 30 minutes a few times a day. As a parent of a toddler, you know that’s a LONG time for a single activity.

Available at: Amazon

Non-Toy Gift Options


Our family LOVES to go to the zoo, indoor playgrounds, and museums. They’re all great places for family fun, but paying individual admission fees can really add up. Getting a membership allows your family to enjoy their favorite places while saving on admission. They often come with family bundles so it’s a gift that the whole family can enjoy all year long. 

Contribution to College Fund

If you have friends or family that prefer to give cash, you can also put it towards your child’s college fund. We opened a 529 account for JC and in two years, it has yielded a much higher return than a traditional savings ever would. With 529 accounts, you can set up an automatic deposits or deposit at your convenience.  We can even send a special code for loved ones to contribute to JC’s college fund. It’s super easy and a great investment in your child’s future.

To learn more about 529 plans, visit savingforcollege.com.


Okay yall, those are the new round of toys that JC is loving. Let me know in the comments if your little one is enjoying any of the toys I mentioned. Feel free to let me know in the comments if you have any questions.


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